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We have been on the mission field for over 7yrs now and look forward to many more! We have been involved in missions since 1997/1998 after incredible salvation experiences in the heat of Revival. Supporting missions and living missions fuels us as we give ourselves sacrificially to Italy and our Italian people that we love very dearly.

WHY ITALY: Italy is considered by Mission Organizations as a missionary graveyard with more than 90% of missionaries leaving in less than 5yrs . This has created an environment of rejection and discouragement, as in their viewpoint, not even foreign missionaries with all their support and knowledge could break through cultural and personal strongholds. This has left people feeling much despair and left many others with the belief that their country and their people are to “spiritually hard” to receive salvation.

We have given ourselves to a life long commitment to Italy. We have shattered that 5yr curse and look forward to years of investing our lives in national renewal and the masses of Italians that will come into the kingdom!



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